The Gnostic NIV Bible Exposed



Test All Things

A look At Gnosticism And The NIV

By Alfred Chompff

This article is titled, “The Gnostics”. One criticism that has been leveled at my sermons is this. They say: People are turned off from listening to my sermons because I dare to mention names of churches and names of denominations. They say: I should not have to mention names. I should just preach the truth, and after a while people will be able to recognize a false gospel because they have been hearing the truth so many times. They say: It is like a bank teller who can feel a false 10 dollar bill because they know what a real 10 dollar bill feels like, because they have felt it so frequently. Now, is that really so? For example, take:

The Gnostics

Have you heard about the Gnostics?

Most of you have probably heard the name “Gnostics”. Many of you…

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